Julia Cares About…

Mental Health

Advocacy through songwriting is important to Julia. She is passionate about helping people find support, break unhealthy patterns and live their best life. “I hope that my music can help other people put words to their emotions and encourage them to seek support and start a journey of recovery.”

Violence Against Women

Julia is a strong advocate for protecting women from violence. She uses her music to discuss poor relationships, sexual assault, and domestic abuse, all of which are prevalent in our culture. The song All the Girls Are Crazy is her #Metoo ballad and comments on the way society often labels women who speak about their sexual assault as ‘crazy’ or ‘liars. Julia’s message to her audience is simple: the world needs your unique gifts and your compassion. “Don’t let someone else’s demons become your own,” says Julia. “Survive, fight for your rights, and keep moving in a positive direction.”

For girls her age, Julia recommends a book written by her sister, Miranda Pratt, a fellow survivor of abuse and assault. “My sister wrote, ‘20 Things I Wish I Had Learned in Sex-Ed‘ after she was assaulted, and I believe it should be a staple on any young woman’s reading list. The book doesn’t dodge the topic of sexual assault but instead confronts the issue as a whole in society. It [1] lays out advice for girls to protect themselves against violence and provides guidance if they have been assaulted.”


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